Kevin O' Keeffe


*When I was working in a National Gallery I watched a woman who was standing before a self portrait by Rembrandt. Though the glass was supposed to be non-reflective, she begin to fix her hair and even try to check her teeth in the glass.

I am interested the archetypes and memes of traditional art practices, where motifs have become dominant truisms, and I attempt to revaluate their situation in contemporary painting practice.

I am currently painting about the landscape. I use generic horizontal line 1/3 up from the bottom of the picture plane which is ratio 2:1 (sometimes 16:9). An awkward feature is then placed within that landscape to offset the literal, traditional reading. Varnish is poured for a reflective gloss.*

Landscape is a subject so pregnant with meaning and relevance, more topical with each passing year yet redundant on the picture plane. I am interested in an exhausted depiction of a constantly reinvigorated subject and the consequences in that argument.


  • Painting